Fabrication in Caloundra

Sheet metal fabrication in Caloundra

Fabrication in Caloundra

Equipment & Knowledge

At Birch Sheet Metal, we have decades of experience in metal fabrication. Over the years, we’ve fabricated metal parts of various shapes for our clients throughout Caloundra and surrounds.

By working with us, you get the two most important things a metal fabricator can offer. First, state-of-the-art equipment that meets the latest standards. Second, extensive experience and skills required to operate those tools.
Sheet Metal — Fabrication in Caloundra, QLD
CNC Turret — Fabrication in Caloundra, QLD
Fabrication in Caloundra

Our Equipment

Here is a sneak peek at the equipment available in our facilities:
  • CNC turret punch – this press is suitable for forming desired metal shapes by punching. We can cut both simple shapes like circles and squares, and complex shapes.
  • CNC press brake – this tool allows us to bend metal the way we want by controlling the machine with computer software.
  • A large CNC water jet cutter – it is a unique machine that uses high-pressure of water and abrasive substances to cut through sheet metal.
  • 2” mandrel bender – it is the only model that we know of on the coast.
Our other tools include a Cigweld 320 Pulse MIG, three Miller Syncrowave TIG welders, a portable site Essetti TIG and many other tools. You can always get in touch to ask about specific tool availability.
Fabrication in Caloundra

Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

The combination of knowledge and experience allows us to create sheet metal components of different sizes and shapes. Over the years, we worked on creating domestic and commercial kitchen fit-outs, structural frames, major electrical contract switchboards, gates, security and decorative screens.

We are here to listen to your metalworking requirements and find a way to design customised pieces that meet your needs.
Custom Sheet Metal — Fabrication in Caloundra, QLD